Choosing the Right Flooring For Your Bathroom 10 Mar 2021

Choosing the Right Flooring For Your Bathroom

Choosing the right flooring for your bathroom is a difficult choice given that water is everywhere; including the walls, ceilings, and floor.

So, it is important to choose flooring that is hard-wearing, safe to walk on especially when wet and of course, that looks stylish. Below we look at a few different flooring solutions for your bathroom.

Porcelain or Ceramic Tiles

One of the most popular choices of flooring for your bathroom is porcelain or ceramic tiles. These tiles are solid, stylish and above all else waterproof.

They have a beautifully textured finish and come in a wide range of styles that can elevate the look and feel of your bathroom.

However, they can be slippery and are cold so might not be the perfect choice for winter, although they will complement underfloor heating nicely. 

If you fit smaller porcelain or ceramic tiles the additional grouting between them can act as a non-skid surface which is an added benefit.

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is another flooring option for your bathroom and one that is quite common because of its practicality and look.

Vinyl flooring is great if you expect to use large amounts of water such as in laundry rooms or if you have children who like to splash around in the bath.

Vinyl flooring is easy to install as it comes in large sheets which means the number of seams and joints can be reduced, particularly in smaller bathrooms. You will also have the choice of several different style options to suit your bathrooms decor.

Natural Stone

Another flooring choice for the bathroom is a natural stone such as marble, granite, or limestone. It is hardwearing and has a stunning textured finish and feel.

However, not only is it a little expensive it can be slippery and cold so the right heating would need to be installed to counteract it during the colder months.

Natural stone can also be sandblasted which will give it an almost non-slip textured finish or you could lay naturally textured stone such as slate. Whatever your choice make sure to consider the size of the bathroom and what your budget is.

Engineered Wood

Many people like the traditional look of wood flooring but it is not practical to lay in bathrooms as water could soften and rot the wood.

An alternative option is to lay engineered wood flooring which is a type of flooring that has a plywood base and is effective against the build-up of moisture.

Engineered wood flooring has an authentic look due to the hardwood veneer top layer, so if you are looking to have wood-style flooring in your bathroom then this should be the only choice.

Laminate Flooring

Finally, there is laminate flooring which is manufactured resin-impregnated paper which fits onto a wood chip base and comes in hundreds of different styles.

Laminate flooring is incredibly tough and durable and if it is properly maintained it will last for years to come - it is also a very cost-effective flooring option for people working to a budget.

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Choosing the Right Flooring For Your Bathroom
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