Five Reasons Why LVT Flooring is Becoming More Popular? 10 Mar 2021

Five Reasons Why LVT Flooring is Becoming More Popular?

If you want to create a stylish new look for your home, you cannot go far wrong with luxury vinyl tile flooring or LVT.

This type of flooring is becoming more popular with homeowners for its durability and ease of maintenance. In this article, we look at five reasons why LVT flooring is becoming more popular?

1. Versatile

LVT flooring is very versatile and comes in a wide range of different styles and textures that allow people to be creative with their design choices.

From wood to stone finishes LVT flooring can be adaptable to almost any interior which puts it ahead of many other flooring materials.

2. Durability

Another reason why LVT flooring has risen in popularity is because of its durability, with more manufacturers putting time into engineering tough flooring options.

The tile is constructed of up to five layers including a vinyl backing, a vinyl core, a print film layer, a wear layer that is the protective layer, and a coating.

This means it can be used in high traffic areas of the home and is heard wearing against scuffs and other marks.

3. Aesthetics

One of the benefits of LVT flooring is that it looks great, many people for example love a wood floor but cannot afford the cost and maintenance of the real thing will choose LVT flooring.

With LVT flooring you can have a wood floor that to the untrained eye will look authentic, and best of all it can be laid in areas where traditional wood flooring cannot be laid such as the bathroom and kitchen.

4. Maintenance

LVT flooring is easily maintained and unlike vinyl flooring that needs to be continually looked after to avoid splitting or warping.

LVT floor will only need to be mopped and swept to remove dirt and debris from time to time, this is in part thanks to the waterproof wear layer of the floor.

5. Acoustics

While it’s not something that many people think about, the acoustics of LVT flooring is greatly reduced, meaning that it is quieter underfoot.

Many other types of hard flooring can contribute to elevated noise levels which in the workplace can be distracting and at times stressful.

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Five Reasons Why LVT Flooring is Becoming More Popular?
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