How New Carpet Adds Value to Your Home 03 Feb 2021

How New Carpet Adds Value to Your Home

There is nothing better than the look, feel and even smell of a newly laid carpet. A new carpet can elevate the interior of a home, and not only that but it can add value when you come to sell it. Below we look at how laying new carpet will add value to your home.

Consider Your Buyers

The property market is full of investors who are building a property portfolio by buying slightly run-down homes then renovating them and flipping them for a tidy profit. However, most people are buyers looking for their next home or trying to get their foot on the property ladder and may not be looking for that next renovation project. These buyers will happily pay more if the home is ready to move into straight rather than deal with the headache of undertaking a DIY project.

Psychology of Selling

Selling your home is all about the psychology of getting the viewers to picture themselves living there. Therefore, it is important that your home is clean, tidy and looks presentable. When potential buyers are walking around each room, they are creating a visual picture of where all their possessions will go, creating a neutral space will allow them to do this perfectly. When you enter a home what is the first thing you see? The floor, as you’re probably going to take your shoes off. So straight away your eyes will be looking at the carpet. If it is threadbare, ripped, or stained, it immediately loses its appeal. But, if someone's feet sink into soft carpet they’ll immediately feel cosy and right at home.

Rip Up and Replace

If your old carpet is ripped, stained and damaged then it should certainly be replaced before you put it on the market. When it comes to deciding on the colour and style of the replacement carpet you need to remove yourself from what your personal tastes are. Colour and design can have a huge impact on the appearance of a room. Light colours will lift the room and give the illusion of more space while dark colours can make a room feel smaller - take your time in making the right decisions and look at as many colour and style samples as possible.

Examine the Flooring

If you had lovely new carpets when you first moved in, then chances are you won’t know what’s hiding underneath them. Not everyone likes carpet and the hassle that comes with maintaining it. That is why many homeowners choose a wood floor or laminate floor. If you rip up your old carpet and discover a wood floor, make the most of it and have it serviced and polished, this will increase the value of your home even further as stylish wood flooring is in high demand.

When selling your home, deciding on the right flooring can be a tough choice as you want it to look good and be practical at the same time. Of all the things you do when selling your home investing in new carpets or alternative flooring could be a deal-breaker. If you’re looking at replacing the carpets in your home, then get in touch with one of the team here at Carpets & Flooring Ltd. We can help you find the right style and colour to transform the interior of your home.

How New Carpet Adds Value to Your Home
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