How to Keep Your Carpet Looking Fresh and Vibrant 10 Mar 2021

How to Keep Your Carpet Looking Fresh and Vibrant

Carpets are one of the toughest things to keep clean, if you have children and pets the job can be made even harder. So, in this article, we look at a few ways you can keep your carpet looking fresh and vibrant all year round.


High traffic areas in the home will be one of the biggest problem areas when it comes to carpets. They can get downtrodden, lose their colour and texture and become drab and dull.

While this always can’t be avoided, running the hoover over the carpet at least once a week will help to remove the build-up of dirt, debris, and dust will certainly help prolong their life.

Another main benefit of doing this is that it can reduce the allergens and bacteria in the home meaning that it is a healthy environment for everyone.

Dry clean

Sometimes you might have to go a bit deeper into the carpet to remove tough dirt and stains and one way to do this is with a dry powdered chemical carpet cleaner and it is recommended to do this job at least once a month if possible.

There are lots of environmentally friendly brands out there so it will be up to you which one you choose, but the benefit of using a powder is that when it is left to work it will absorb the stains as well as deodorise it leaving it looking like new.

Steam clean

Another great way to bring your carpets back to life and looking fresh and vibrant is with a steam clean, this is by far the best method for cleaning carpets, and it will remove any stubborn stains and marks deep down within the carpet fibres.

Professional carpet cleaners have state of the art equipment that is designed to lift and flush out dirt, grease, and other bacteria.

The process works by injecting hot water into the carpet which then flushes out the dirt and sucks it away leaving behind an almost brand-new carpet.

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How to Keep Your Carpet Looking Fresh and Vibrant
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