What is Vinyl Flooring and its Advantages? 10 Mar 2021

What is Vinyl Flooring and its Advantages?

Vinyl flooring has many amazing benefits including a range of different styles such as wood and stone, it is also easy to maintain and practical for high traffic areas of the home.

In this article, we cover some of the advantages of vinyl flooring and why it would make a great addition to your home.


Vinyl flooring is very hard-wearing and is ideal for busy areas of the home as well as the bathroom, it has a scratch-resistant top layer which adds a level of protection meaning it will withstand everyday wear and tear.

It has great noise reduction thanks to a base layer that absorbs any sound, finally, there is a vinyl layer that is added for strength and stability.

AC rating

All vinyl flooring is given an AC rating that allows you to choose the right area of your home for installation. This AC rating measures the floor’s resistance to stains, abrasion and impact.

The AC ratings also show that the floor has been tested for the effects of swelling on the edges as well as furniture legs such as table and chairs. Any floor with this rating means that it has passed all the necessary tests.

If you need any help in determining what the best AC rating is for your home, then get in touch with one of our team who will be happy to help.

Where to use

Vinyl flooring can be laid anywhere in the home, but it is best suited for those rooms where water and spills are common such as the bathroom and the kitchen - it is also a great choice for games and utility rooms as it is tough wearing.

Vinyl flooring can withstand high surface temperatures which make it ideal for conservatories and if you are planning to install underfloor heating in the bathroom then vinyl flooring is perfect as it is compatible with temperatures up to 27°C.


Another great advantage of vinyl flooring is that if it is easy to install and if you are competent at DIY you can save money on getting someone else to do it for you.

There are a couple of options available; a luxury click system, or a rigid core click system that requires glue to hold the flooring in place. The click system means that there is no need for lots of complex tools and no adhesives as the flooring interlocks.

On the other hand luxury glue down vinyl does require adhesive, so in this instance, you will need a professional to fit it for you.

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If you would like more information about vinyl flooring or any help with the installation, then get in touch with one of the team here at Carpets & Flooring Ltd. We can help you find the right style and colour to transform the interior of your home.

What is Vinyl Flooring and its Advantages?
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